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Every business needs loyal customers. A loyalty program is a great way to connect with your customers. Piggy creates an easy and effective program to create loyal customers.

Discover the ease of use of our program.

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Piggy enables you to easily gather customer data giving you real-time insights into their buying decisions, amount spent and visiting frequency.

Click to see how these data can improve your business and how you can customize the loyalty programme to your needs .

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Purchasing decisions are made when customers are in your shop. Use our Narrowcasting module to alert customers of products, promotions or events.

Use images, videos and text in your desired format

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Email campaigns

Enterprise companies succesfully use email campaigning because it just works. It's a convenient way to interact with customers and results can be achieved fast.

Read on to see how Piggy allows you to send professional mails without all the hassle.

Data-driven decision making


Digital giftcards are fast and convenient and allow for the best way to increase revenue.

Cards are available in your business identity and are reusable.

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The stripscard is a time-saver, ensures revenue upfront and offers your customer a distinct advantage. De stripcards is charged digitally, fast and efficient. 

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External rewards

Piggy facilitates additional rewards that are not available in your business. Instead of giving away your own products, use our external rewards.

Read on to check which rewards are included.

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Personalise your program digitally and physically. Use your identity to brand the program to your liking. 

Use our branded module to customize your loyalty program.

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Connect your POS system or webshop and give your customers the opportunity to collect points everywhere.

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